View the unlimited market segments with front end data loading and new multi-point data connections.


Allow for patient queuing, increasing form completion rates and data gathering.  Provide privacy for various clinical business process inclusions.

Auto Patient Form Fill


Enable patient pick up messaging with on site automated check in and processing.

Automate Wait Process

Integrate Robotic Assist Pickup Systems


Allow for global solution to be integtrated into your own point of service solution.

Instant Receipt- Push Via QR

Group Queuing

Allowed for groups to be notified and processed at significant times.

Family Notifications

Case Studies Healthcare

Ready to examine integrations that will help you flow the customerflow of data? Check out the example below on common platforms to help you evaluate the system

  • Urgent Care Check In
  • Streamline Pharmecutical Pickup
  • Clinical Trial Data Collection & Form Filling

Case Studies Industry

Examine how to incorporate components of the Hop Swap IT system to your environment.

  • Rapid Reciept
  • Inline Ordering