Private QUEING AND Messaging System

Hop Swap IT: Providing Secure Discrete Notification and Autofill Form Integration Capabilities

Our ability to streamline processes, pushing customer allowed data collection, increased throughput is truly amazing.

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We are committed to connecting you with your patients/customers

Utilizing our unique patented QR messaging system we can help innovate your private communications and integrate streamlined business processes.

Touch Free Connections

Allow customers to add themselves via a touchless system.

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Available Markets

Health Services, Pharmaceuticals, Point of Service (POS) systems, and Others

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Learn about the different product lines for a variety of industries.

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SAAS Licensing Prices

Integrate and license our unique patented system into your communication stream.

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Facilitate and consolidate data collection starting with the front-end users.

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Position your company for


Millions +

Free Unlimited User Installs

Cross Functional

Use Private or Cloud HSI Initiative

Increased Throughput

Satisfy Customers

Security & Privacy

For both customer and business


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