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Hop Swap It

Hop Swap IT is the free app available to the public for iPhone and Android phones that communicates with the HSI Logger where waiting in line is a necessity. There are "free" and at-a-cost "extreme" versions of the HSI Logger, though Hop Swap IT for your clientele will always be free to use. The following is a breakdown of features available on the different versions of the HSI Logger.

HSI Logger

Paging Range
No Host Error
Loss of Internet
Multiple Page Link  
Auto Logging  
One App/Multiple Site
Call Fail Redundancy
Data Forwarding*
Customer Survey*
Table Occupancy  
Table Layout    
Installation Complexity
Training/Ease of Use
Seat Time Reports  
Personal Seating Reports  
On-The-Fly Messaging    

*Optional Add-on Paid Service

HSI Logger (Free)

Hop Swap IT's HSI Logger Free is a unique logging system that allows service industries to easily setup and use within minutes. This FREE version allows your guest to login to a sign-in sheet or wait list with their smart phone quickly by showing the code on their smart phone to the HSI Logger. Your clients, customers, and guests can do so without giving their personal information such as name and number. Privacy concerns for your clients, customers, and guests should be the highest priority. Now they have a choice whether to give information or remain anonymous. The Wait List will display either the guest's information or an anonymous code depending on their selection. Once on the list, a party can be called and then removed from the list. This logging system will also stop the transfer of bacteria and viruses. Now you can remove unsanitary writing utensils and handheld pagers. Why use pagers anyway? Besides being unsanitary, there is a cost to purchase, repair, and replace. Since this HSI Logger is free, you can use it at as many locations as you like. Why have people stand in line when their smart phone can do it for them.

HSI Logger Extreme

Hop Swap IT’s HSI Logger Extreme is a unique logging system that allows restaurants to manage customer paging as well as table assignments. HSI Logger Extreme for Hop Swap IT, like the Free Logger, will allow you to remove those unsanitary pagers and charging stations from the podium and/or front desk. The HSI Logger Extreme for Hop Swap IT also eliminates the need to ask for a name and phone number, keeping your guests privacy and anonymity a priority offered by no other system.

If you are migrating from the HSI Free Logger, then this will be a simple upgrade with little training.

The HSI Logger Extreme is designed with four panels for ease of use functionality:

  • Logger
  • Tables
  • Personnel
  • Admin

thumnail extreme loggerThe Logger Panel

The Logger screen is where the host/hostess will set the Party Size and log guest's into the Wait List by having guest show their Hop Swap IT code to the HSI Logger.  The Wait List will display either the guest's information or an anonymous code depending on their selection. Once on the list, a party can be called and then removed from the list.

Auto Logging

Auto Logging is a new feature that allows guests to log themselves into the wait list when a host/hostess is either not employed or away from the podium. They simply walk up, show their code to the HSI Logger capture screen, and choose their party size. The screen will then return to the capture screen.


thumbnail extreme tablesThe Table Panel

The Table screen is where all tables in the restaurant are entered by number and identified by type. The tables are displayed in a list. Guests and Staff are then assigned to tables and marked as seated, open, or closed. The HSI Logger Extreme+ has a Table/Dining Room Floor Layout option. This will allow tables to be displayed as they are on the floor.





thumbnail extreme personnelThe Personnel Panel

The Personnel screen is where staff are entered.  This allows staff to be assigned to tables on the dining room floor. Reports can then be generated and analyzed based on table, staff, and party size.





thumbnail extreme adminThe Admin Panel

The Admin screen is where registration and setup for the HSI Logger are performed as well as setting options and the outgoing message. In this panel Auto Logging, Sending Reports, and getting Help can be found.





HSI Logger Extreme+

The HSI Logger Extreme+ comes with all the great features of the Extreme version. Where this version differs is in the Table Panel. With the purchase of the Extreme+ you will have the capability of displaying the tables in a custom layout view as they are on the dining room floor. This will give your staff a more visually appealing way to assign guests and staff to tables. The Extreme+ also comes with on-the-fly messaging.

HSI Notifier Extreme

The HSI Notifier Extreme is a new product for Hop Swap IT. The HSI Notifier Extreme is an ios app for iPad used in healthcare offices to send calendar events/appointments directly to the patient’s calendar via email using Hop Swap IT. Patients will not need to give any personal information while in the reception area for others to hear. The receptionist will fill out the necessary information for the next appointment. The patient will then show their smartphone to the HSI Notifier and wait for the receptionist to send the event. No writing, no cards, no mistakes. The HSI Notifier also comes with the same paging capabilities as the HSI Logger.


Training on how to use the HSI Logger for your business with the Hop Swap IT app is $85.00 per hour excluding travel time.

Premium Data Forwarding

Premium Data Forwarding is available for all versions of the HSI Logger. We can export data to your pre-existing customer database from our database when users choose to give information to their favorite venue. Our Premium Data Forwarding setup fee is $150.00 and an additional $150.00 per hour for programming services to customize data to your company’s customer database.

Customer Survey

This is a premium service for businesses that do not have any online forms, or the means to collect customer data. We can create online forms for data survey collection, rewards program, and specialty items. Online Customer Survey setup is $150.00 per hour.

Data Reporting

This service is for a company that does not have the means to host data and generate forms. Your business can have us host the survey data and create monthly reports. Call for pricing.

   Find out how to download by clicking HERE.