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restaurants imageEnhance your Restaurant today!

The HSI Logger for Hop Swap IT is a unique logging system that is easy to set up and use. Remove those unwanted pagers and charging systems.

Hop Swap IT eliminates the need to ask for a name and phone number.

Hop Swap IT provides a personalized experience through the use of your customer's own smart phone.

Are you turning customers off?

Handing your customers a pager that was just retrieved from another customer by your staff that may have been handling or tendering cash can be unsettling. Hop Swap IT eliminates any and all peronal contact. Quit maintaining, cleaning and replacing pagers.

Sending a message is done with a simple touch of the screen.

Why customers like Hop Swap IT

  • Increases their range
  • Provide them anonymity
  • Easily pass information for Reward Programs
  • Easy to set up
  • Assures their place in line
  • Free to use
Health Services

health imageProvide the highest level of comfort for your patients.

The HSI Notifier Extreme for Hop Swap IT allows your patients to sit or stand where they choose without worry of contamination from others. Hop Swap IT users provide information without the need for peronal contact. The HSI Notifier can be used to page your patients and send appointments to there smartphone calendar via email. Why let your patients pass germs and bacteria to one another from the use of office stationary and writing implements that were handled by others.

Need help protecting your patient's privacy right?

Are you accidentally violating Privacy Rights? Hop Swap IT eliminates the need for the antiquated sign-in clipboard. Patients can be anonymously logged in while still having the ability to provide information to the logger which can only be viewed by your staff.

Golf Courses

golf imageBring new game to your golf course!

Checking in using Hop Swap IT is fast and reliable. After a golfer has activated an account, they simply scan their code into the logger. Now the golfer can practice, get a snack, visit the club house, or any other activity.

Streamline start times by insuring every player was notified to tee off.

Other Markets

other imageIncrease productivity and sales using Hop Swap IT!

Hop Swap IT can be used for almost any situation that involves waiting in line. Hop Swap IT can also be tailored to fit your specific needs. Here is a list to name a few:

        • Medical Office
        • Dental Office
        • Hospital
        • Car Wash
        • Pharmacy
        • Theme Park
        • Dog Groomer
        • Salon/ Spa
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